• Today, discipline plays a vital role in the character building of an individual. A disciplined man does his duties sincerely & has good name in the society. Everyone in the whole universe has to be disciplined. If the sun does not rise at a fixed time, then the world will be in heavy danger. If the river does not flow at its path, then flood will come. This shows that if these entire non-living thing can be disciplined, then why cannot human beings.
  •  In this modern world, each and every one of us is ill mannered. Take the example of a boy who reaches his school late. His teacher in front of the whole class will insult him. This will decrease his dignity among his classmates. Similarly, a man who is addicted to drugs, gambling etc. will have no place in the society.
  • But if a man is having simplicity, punctuality & honesty, he will be on the top amongst his mates. A discipline man has a high status & respected. He could move with head held high, in the society. He has no fear of anyone and enjoys his life.
  • Students must follow discipline. They should be sincere, punctual & should have proper time management. This will help them to be self-disciplined. If he manages to help himself in the painful obstacles then he will be a real-hero. It is a famous English proverb “god helps those who help themselves.”
  • If students are disciplined form the beginning then, it will help them to live a fruitful life at a later stage.
  •  Moreover, Discipline & success are like two sides of a coin. In the modern world many examples can be taken like Owens, a marvelous American athlete who disciplined himself for years to bag the medals at the 1986 Atlanta Olympics.
  • So, in the, importance of discipline should be felt by each one of us and must be inculcated in us. And, the students must be disciplined because who knows a simple boy of today may become a Gandhi or Nehru of tomorrow.


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